the hero without a villain

In Neighborhood Hero, you get live out your childhood fantasy of having superpowers: the ability of flight, super strength, and super speed. However, life is actually okay, as you are simply tasked with helping locals with good deeds. Become the absolute best role-model in the suburbs you can be!

While making this game was a hassle at times, as VR was very new to us, I had a lot of fun working alongside my friends Ada SanGiovanni and Mayer Wang. Ada handled characters and dialogue, Mayer modeled assets, and I worked on coding and UI. Ada and Mayer together designed the map as well.

the origin story

Don’t waste any time living like a boring, regular human. Discover your potential!

Save the day!

You have just a day to complete all tasks, get to it!

Help this nerd!

Your weird neighbor would love it if you could fix his broken dish satellite.