4 buttons, 4 corners

4 Corners is an experimental prototype designed to teach the player how to play without the use of text or prompts. Anything highlighted in green is interactive, while anything red will kill you.

The main draw of the game is its mechanics. I wanted to design a platformer in which you can’t traditionally jump. Your only controls are moving and “spiking.”

In the context of this game, spiking is the mechanic of jutting out a big spike from your square body, in any of four directions: up, down, left, and right. Each directional spike is assigned to a different button. For Example, on an Xbox controller, A = down, X = left, Y = up, and B = right. It can make for some awkward gameplay when having to use multiple spikes at once…

4 Corners is free to download and try out here:


Learn through discovery

Tricky level design


In designing the course, each room acted as a test to see just how far I could push these mechanics. I really wanted to avoid adding the ability to jump to emphasize the use of “spiking.”