Work together as bugs to save the world!

Minibeasts is a bug-themed local co-op puzzle platformer. Each bug has their own unique set of abilities for overcoming obstacles and battling the ZOMBIE ANTS! Make your way to the hive and put an end to the infestation!

Big thanks to my friend Corran Nolan for working with me on this project. He tackled animations, modeling, environmental art, and bug mechanics. I was in charge of level design, UI, and other general coding. Minibeasts is a small prototype we put together as our junior year final in college.

Minibeasts is available to download and play for free:

Utilize your bug’s special abilities

Playing as the Termite Queen allows you to launch an explosive baby and detonate it on command (we did our research), leaving a toxic goo puddle.

Stick together as a trio

The Beetle can shield the team from oncoming projectiles with its wings.

Think together to progress

Platforming puzzles require that every player participates. Interactable objects are color coded with their designated bug.