It is Prime time for crime

Prime-Time Crime is a 2D brawler in which four players compete with one another for the most cash before reaching the end of the level. Play as a goofy group of bandits and smack your opponents around for their coins!

Huge thanks to Nikolas Wood, Christian Herman, and Stephen Glatfelter for making this happen.  Nikolas handled programming and UI, Christian and Stephen made the awesome pixel art, and I took on level and sound design.  We simply had fun piecing this game together.

Meet the criminals

Our cast of bandits consist of the swole, superhuman Helga, Gary, Grandma Betty, and Tony with the fast hands.

Beat your friends to a pulp!

This game may be local multiplayer, but your friends are not really your friends in the world of
Prime-Time Crime. Knock ’em out with a melee attack and collect their money!

time to get dirty

Duke it out all throughout the city in this ridiculous side-scroller, including the sewers!