Change the course of history

Trojan Course is a local multiplayer game where three players must work together to operate the Trojan Horse from the inside and reach the goal. Play as Greek warriors and plow your way through hazardous mountains and vicious enemies. The end is only the beginning. Conquer Troy, and eventually, the world!

Trojan Course is my college senior thesis project. I worked with two awesome friends on this project: Kaley Blackwell and Claudia Medina Lopez. I worked on coding and level design, Kaley handled animations and character design, and Claudia did the environmental art and assets.

Trojan Course is free to download and play locally with friends here:

Man your stations

Manually take control of the Trojan Horse from the inside! Communicate as a team to safely maneuver through Troy.

Watch your heads

Troy is one big obstacle course, waiting to wreck the Trojan Horse. Dodge rolling boulders, duck under rock arches, and beat your enemies down!

Fight Night

Once inside the City of Troy, eliminate their king, destroy their goods, and battle it out with the Trojans!